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Embody’s mission is to empower menstruators to embrace their cycles.

Embody Team

Nearly a third of women in the United States use a period tracker.

In the wake of newly activated state laws and uncertain legal boundaries, we face a difficult choice – should we delete our period trackers and our online menstrual history? Is our data really safe?

No one should have to fear that their most private health data be shared, sold, or used against them in a court of law.

Period trackers are a vital tool for our health.

People track for numerous reasons. Period trackers allow us to track the many symptoms associated with our cycle, gain insight into our body’s rhythms over months and years, avoid pregnancy, pursue pregnancy, and monitor a medical diagnosis in partnership with our doctors. We use them for our sexual health.

At Embody, we put privacy first in our cycle tracking app.

We would love your feedback to help shape the future of the Embody app. We invite you to join our waitlist, be a part of the Embody community, and get early access to our free beta app when it launches.

Will you join us?
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Our Vision
We believe it’s time to use privacy-forward technology for the betterment of women and people with cycles.
Our Vision
We believe it’s time to use privacy-forward technology for the betterment of women and people with cycles.
Embody Team
Anna Hall
Anna Hall founded Embody in late 2022. As a period tracker power user, Anna saw the importance of data privacy for private menstrual health information, in particular for those who live in a post-Roe US.
Dani Bonilha
Dani Bonilha is an engineer and is building the Embody app. Dani is passionate about building apps, and she builds with great attention to detail. She is based in São Paulo, Brazil and is driven by challenges!
Liz Shinn
Liz Shinn designed the website and is designing the Embody app. She is a product designer based in Atlanta, GA. Liz creates products with the user in mind, designing services that are memorable and a delight to use.
Carolyn Reckhow
Carolyn Reckhow advises Embody. She is the COO of Thesis, a venture studio that builds freedom-focused products using blockchain technology. She is based in New York.
Claire Seidler
Claire Seidler is a deep generalist with a founder mindset and proven startup experience. She is a senior-level operations, creative and strategic thinker with the ability to build and lead cross-functional teams, and execute digital marketing, product and content projects with ease.
Lauren Jackson
Lauren Jackson advises Embody on content and marketing. As the Thesis Labs lead, she builds freedom-focused blockchain products.
Neka King
Neka King is an Atlanta-based illustrator, muralist, and fine artist. Her work focuses on elements of color and shape—with an emphasis on portraiture and black culture—in large-scale art activations.
Sierra Serafica
Sierra Serafica, the creative mind behind Embody's logo and brand, resides in Atlanta with her family. When not designing, she enjoys biking around town.
Tasnia Malek
Tasnia (Taz) Malek is an Atlanta-based photographer. She captured Embody’s brand photos with local models, showcasing the app's real-life use.