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Embrace your cycle

  • Harmonize with your hormones.

    Unlock the power of your cycle! Sync your life with your four menstrual phases and thrive to the rhythm of your body.
  • Rest easy—we're private by default.

    You're in full control. All info that you put in the Embody app is encrypted and stored on your device.
  • Go beyond the blood.

    As you log, you'll see insights from your four menstrual phases. Finally understand your cycle symptoms!
Go beyond
There's more to your cycle than periods and PMS.
  • See patterns in your daily logged symptoms.
  • See estimated lengths for your 4 cycle phases.
  • Easily track your upcoming period.
“Other apps seem like a chore. They are very aggressive. Embody designs are calming, grounded, and make me want to come back.”
— Melissa, Embody User
Find Harmony
Practice selfcare by syncing your life with your phases.
  • Leverage your 4 phases: menstrual, follicular, ovulation, and luteal.
  • See helpful tips for each phase of your cycle.
  • View the hormonal impact during each phase.
Body literacy
Discover patterns in your cycle history.
  • Compare several logged cycles at once.
  • See historical information about your past cycles.
  • View your average phase lengths.
Meet the team
We believe it's time to use privacy-forward technology for the betterment of women and people with cycles.
Anna Hall
Dani Bonilha
Liz Shinn
Carolyn Reckhow
Claire Seidler
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